Sunday, 23 August 2015

LSE Undergraduate Admissions Statistics

A FOI request sent to the London School of Economics via whatdotheyknow regarding the university's undergraduate admissions statistics produced the following result.

Here is a HTML link of the document uploaded by the university on whatdotheyknow.

Brief overview of overall statistics:-
2011/12 Acceptance Rate & Offer Rate - 14.77% and 19.63% respectively.
2012/13 Acceptance Rate & Offer Rate - 13.10% and 16.57% respectively.
2013/14 Acceptance Rate & Offer Rate - 13.17% and 17.48% respectively.

I am curious as to where Google gets the statistic for LSE's acceptance rate in 2013 being 7.2%. This would mean the competition for places is close to 13.9 applicants per place when according to the FOI request, the figure is closer to 7.6 applicants per place (17,340 applicants divided by 2271 acceptances).

The original Excel document can be found in the source.

Source: whatdotheyknow

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